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For sale: Epson HD projector (16:9 widescreen!)

For sale is an Epson Cinema 200 projector. It's a proper 720p HD unit, with native 1280x720 resolution - no SVGA "720p downscaled" nonsense. While not the newest of projectors, it's in good condition, and includes a remote control. Unlike most projectors, this one also has motorized optics - you can adjust the focus, zoom, and other parameters with the remote control, which is very handy for ceiling mounts.

Of note in particular is the bulb. Unlike most used projectors, which include a bulb that's about to pop or a generic-brand replacement that screws up the color balance, this one is a genuine Epson bulb with under 150 hours out of a rated 3,000. I replaced it myself six weeks ago.

I'm asking $500 + shipping for this projector, which I feel is pretty reasonable - the bulb was $400 from Epson, so that's just $100 for the projector itself. I might be interested in taking a HDMI-compatible receiver and/or a 5.1 speaker set in trade, but honestly, I really could use the cash.

Apologies for the crap photos - my camera is refusing to charge, and I had to use my cell phone for the pic of the display. The picture of the projector was borrowed from eBay, but I can assure you that mine is in similarly immaculate condition.