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For Sale: DIY O2 for repair or parts


2014-08-24 2:11 am
Looking to sell my malfunctioning O2 for repair or parts. Bought second hand, and it came broke...and the seller disappeared. Yep, that's why you ask for credibility before you buy. I tried my hand at fixing the O2 but just made a mess of things, so now I just want to cut my losses and get it to someone with more experience rather than the bin.

  • Rear 1/4'' jack
  • Bambo Face Plate
  • black painted aluminum enclosure
  • Triad powersupply
  • 2 Rechargable tenergy 9V batteries
  • Extra 2 capacitors (the kind used in c19 and c20)
  • Distortion, heavily in the lower frequency range
  • Poorly put together to begin with, with flux everywhere.
  • My messed up attempts at fixing the apparently broken bits (cold solders at R1, R2, R16, R22, all of which are new components replacing the damaged old ones)
  • Another effect of my bad soldering, the R1 and R2 resistors (big ones soldered to the bottom of the board) need to be redone, as they stick out too much and prevent the 1/4'' jack from fitting where is is supposed to.
  • Missing a screw (the last straw for most people ;) )

Selling for $50 shipped to continental United States, PayPal fees included. Should make a nice project for the weekend to get a great amp for cheap.

For pictures see the head fi posting here.