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For Sale - Decca London Gray Phono Cartridge - Export Model

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!!! SOLD !!!

This is the highly desirable "Gray" version of this legendary cartridge. Hand selected at the Decca factory in England for even better specifications than the already spectacular Decca London "Blue" cartridges, Gray "Export Models" were only available outside the British Isles. Frequency response for a Gray is substantially flatter than an "ordinary" Decca. Gray and Blue cartridges feature a spherical stylus.

I'm asking US$549.00
, shipped to the continental United States, but I will entertain reasonable offers.

  • Decca Gray FFSS phono cartridge - Export Model - with factory protective cover
  • Original mounting adapter for standard head shells (removable for use with Decca tonearm)
  • Original inner "jewelry" box
  • Original outer box with "Export Model" label ("Not for sale in the British Isles")
  • Unopened mounting screw/connector packet (I'm not sure this packet is Decca original)
  • Original installation/specification booklet
  • Laboratory frequency response chart with certification from Paoli High Fidelity Consultants
  • Paoli High Fidelity Consultants brochure (I think they were a Decca importer)

  • The cartridge, protective cover and mounting adapter are all in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition.
  • Since I no longer have a turntable that uses a standard tonearm, I cannot test the cartridge.
  • Since I no longer have a stylus microscope, I cannot attest to the condition of the stylus.
  • Original outer box is in FAIR to GOOD condition, showing marks and wear from storage.
  • Original inner jewelry box is in EXCELLENT condition.
  • All documents are in EXCELLENT condition - the frequency response chart is clearly legible.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.