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For Sale B&O ICE Class D Chip Amp

Now Sold, Thanx Everyone.

Hi Everyone, For sale is my B&O ICE Class D chip amp. It consists of one B&O 200ASC power/output board, one B&O 200AC output board, and a very nice aluminum/steel case. These are the same boards some very high-end manufacturers use in their amps. The amplifier is rated @ 100 watts per channel. It has a big soundstage, very detailed midrange and high end, great bass extension. The amp is dead quiet, and very reliable. The amp is setup for balanced inputs, so I will include a pair of nice, DUI, balanced to RCA patchcords @ my asking price. Price is $250, shipped, to CONUS 48. Pay-Pal, check or MO, when cleared. PM me with any questions. I'm not always glued to my laptop or phone, but I do check e-mails periodically throughout the day. Local pick-up in Dearborn, MI, 48126, available. (top cover screws included) Thanx Everybody.


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