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for sale 250 watt 240volt,lamp and control gear,new~~~

i have for sale the following items ,they are new and have been used once or twice for testing,they would probably suit a 7" projector as that is what i was going to use them for but you could use them for anything i guess,
i am in australia and would prefer to sell to aussies but may consider overseas postage,tho it could be costly due to the
weight of the ballast and the exsessive packing for safety

1x 250 watt osram double ended bulb

2 x ceramic fc2 lamp holders

1 reflector

1 condensor

1 light box set up to house the lamp

1x 250 watt ,240 volt(australian mains power,) ballast


and ignitor

these cost me well over 300 dollars will sell for round 160.oo
or try you luck on my auction:


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