For Sale: 2 Rockford Punch 150's

I have 2 Punch 150's that have been laying around for a few years now. When I used to use them, they worked fine but I have idea if they still work or not. When I bought them in the early '90s both were used and scratched up. I had them powder coated to match my car. After the powder coating, I wanted to make sure they still worked ok, so I sent them back to Rockford to be "gone over". After getting them back, they worked fine until I retired them. In fact, both still have the stickers on them meaning I have never opened them.

Anyway, I am open to any offer since I don't know what they are worth. The highest bidder wins. Please PM with your offer. See attached pics.

Mods, if this post should be moved elsewhere, please do so. I could not find a For Sale forum.


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