For people who speak french

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Je trouve quand même qu'au moins un thread en français serait une bonne chose, pour que les francophones puissent expliquer en détail les choses qu'ils ne savent pas dire en anglais...

I think that at least one thread in french language is a good thing, in order to permit that french speaking people can explain, with precision, in his native language, things that they cann't translate in english...

Salutations, Regards, P.Lacombe.
Et qui va faire les traductions pour eux qui ne comprennent pas le Francais?

Who's gonna take care of the translations for those who don't understand French?

I find it frustrating enough already that too many of the questions and hypotheses I post in English do not draw any qualified response. Just imagine those being posted in a language that 95% of the members do not even understand!


Actually, I see more german or dansih posters truggling in english on this forum then posters from french speaking areas. I'm sure if we made a french section there would have to be german sections, spanish sections etc etc, and then the people not speaking those languages would miss out on the topics being discussed.
I agree with JoeBob and Jason,

The board is used by people all over the world, if we begin with a french section, we'll need german sections, suedish, italian..... every contributing counrty will want (or need) an area.

I'm french living in the US, and i say the board (and all other very usefull board as AVSForums) are perfect the way they are, in a langage spoken and understood by most of us.
If you have difficulties understand something, grab a good dictionnary, you'll learn both in english and by the answer you are looking for.
I agree that a multilangage translator would be very helpfull, like a little button next to the "reply" or "quote" button, linking to babelfish translator or something like that.
Maybe we could have a forum open where people query help from other about specific wording, and then post in regular forums....

Me little froggy. Find it way cool to ask questions and post replies in English, mainly 'cause I have to think twice (or more) to what I have to write, and it helps me clarifying the problem and asking the right question with the right words :) Besides, it's harder to wander offtracks with a limited vocabulary :p
Keep it English !
Oh yeah sure kiddow, I offended you with my stupid answer! Was it necessery to email me and make me feel so bad?

Your idea makes no sens, IMHO you are the one that doesn't have an open mind. Can't you share your ideas questionnements with this DIY community w/out being in your french independant forum ? ? ?



Hi all,

I are Spanish, but I prefer only one languaje. I desire understand all in this forum, I can with the English. Are almost the universal language.

For me the language don't are important, only are important the communication. If the language place apart of the others I refuse the language.

I like one only language in all the world. Please read about 'Games Teory' and the Robert Akselrot experiments. The colaboration are the only economic strategie that works.

Happy days,

Raúl Couto

Since everyone understands swedish, even the french guys I vote for all writing in swedish. ;)

Tänk vad underbart det hade varit om jag kunde skriva på svenska och alla förstod. Id'en med ett sådant här forum är just att alla ska kunna delta och det enda som krävs är att man kan engelska hjälpligt. Eftersom vi alla är snälla och tålmodiga så frågar vi igen om någon har svårt för att uttryka på engelska. De allra flesta blir till slut förstådda även fransmännen.

För mig har det varit väldigt bra träning att skriva på engelska. Mycket handlar om "learning by doing". Man måste helt enkelt använda sig av språket för att bli bättre i det.

Seriously, I understand the problem but why don't everyone write in their own native language? Just do it and see what happens.
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