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For NL: Xmas gift

I cleaned out my shop and stumbled over some stuff that I no longer want to keep:

- All kind of tubes, old ones, newer ones and also some sockets.
- Philips scoop with dual delayed timebase
- Citation 12 chassis with power supply
- Flatcable's
- SCSI cables
- SCSI, SCSI-W Hdiskdrives
- 2940 SCSI controller
- Various heatsinks, larger and smaller ones
- Toroid 500VA with 220V primary only
- 3 x220VA Toroid with different voltages

All these parts are free and can be collected at my place. Pls send a PM

Happy X-mas building!
Pictures ?

Good morning Tarasque,

VERY interesting...and only an hours drive.....

For me the most interesting are the tubes and the scope. If you have a picture/list of the tubes i do appreciate it. The current weather and road conditions must make the trip worthwile !

Looking forward to your reply.
Merry Christmas
(PM sent)