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Hmm, never seen any of my designs called this, but the JX150 is about 60" long, though it's a ML-TL:

T/S max flat:

L = 59.1"
CSA = 113.726"^2
driver down 21.33"
vent near/at the bottom
rp = 1.5"
Lp = 4.5"
density = ~0.2lbs/ft^3

All dims inside and you may need either a longer vent or damp it some if it's 'boomy' in-room.

Hi again,

I am looking for a true TL. I plan on doing some on open baffles and am looking at a bass solutuion. The Visatons will go down to ~70 hz before rolling off I figure.
I have never heard a TL but from what I read, when properly designed and working they are very hard to beat for bass quality.

I have in the back of my mind a pair of TL's using perhaps an 8" driver.
Power/crossover will be most likely be from a pair of plate amps.
I am open to suggestions.

I was going to ask Dave D. as well, TL's are his speciality but methinks he is busy right now with the new CSS drivers and his website.



Hmm, I'm using the same one I posted to the forum and it's correct according to the MathCad sims I've done on various designs I've posted, so my SWAG is that you're quoting 'Z stuffing factor', which is used in the formula for the CSA (So/SL). 'Df'/'Dp' is the fiberglass/polyfil Vb stuffing factor, and since Imperial units are used, the amounts are in lbs/ft^3.

I really wasn't thinking when I blindly posted my little spreadsheet as is. I should have modded it so that the various design 'steps' were hidden and shown the calc'd ounces of stuffing required since they've caused way too much confusion. I have it on my rather extensive 'to do' list, but there's been so little interest in it after the initial posting that it's currently a very low priority.

Sorry for the confusion.