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For free pickup in NYC Area SVS 20-39 sub and external plate amp

I hadn't turned it on in 10 years so I guess I don't need it anymore. This is the unpowered SVS 20-39 cylinder sub, with an external PartsExpress (or was it Partsconnexion?) generic plate amp. I have the original paperwork for the amp, but the speaker itself was bought used. The original owner didn't use it much either. I've vacuumed the accumulated dust from it so it is clean. The amp uses the original egg cardboard box it came in as a mount. One thing I don't seem to have is the power cord for the amp, but any IEC cord will work. I had to use my computer's cord as I just couldn't find one.

It is free for pickup only in Brooklyn, NY. I will NOT ship, I will NOT deliver it. I can barely lift the thing anymore. Don't kid yourself either, the thing is big. If you live in a typical Brooklyn apartment you're not going to want this, and neither do your neighbors. The 20-39 refers to the diameter and height, or maybe hz and height, but it is 20" in diameter too and goes down to 20hz.

Free, but a decent bottle of wine couple of beers are always appreciated in trade.
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