for amplifying a vibration sensor output


2013-02-21 11:15 am
I am posting the circuit diagrams of both the amplifiers:-

1.circuit of AD 620 instrumentation amplifier,designed for getting a gain of about 106.

2.circuit of non inverting amplifier using op amp ic 741,designed for getting a gain of about 101.

The gain equations of both the amplifiers are written inside a box near both the circuit diagrams iam attaching with this post.

I tried both the above amplifiers for amplifying the output of a vibration sensor or analyzer.

But when i gave the input from the function generator both the circuits amplified well.

For the non inverting amplifier using 741 ic,when i gave the input from the function generator at first i was getting a gain of about 50 and 68 when the input signal frequency was about 9.7 KHz.When i changed the input signal frequency to about 1 KHz i got the gain of about 100.But the original gain designed for this amplifier circuit was 101.When i gave the sensor output signal to the input of the non inverting amplifier it gave a gain of about 450.

When i used AD620 amplifier circuit,I get a gain value of about 100 when i was giving input signal from the function generator.When i gave the output signal from the vibration sensor as the input to the AD620 amplifier it also gave about a gain of about 450.

Why is the gain becoming very high when i give the sensor output as the input to the amplifier?

Which amplifier should i use for my need(for amplifying the sensor output)?

Should i make any modifications to my circuit.If then please suggest those modifications clearly.

Somebody please help me and reply fast.


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