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Fonken Primes for Sale

Nice pair of Fonken Primes up for sale. Job has me relocated and new apartment is very small. I am a bit beside myself at the moment, but I would rather post these on a forum that would take appreciation for what these are and what they are capable of. Thank you Dave D. for allowing me to experience these loudspeakers. After purchasing them from Dave back in June 2012, I have only had an opportunity of listening to them but no more than 10 hours a month due to my travel and work. From what I know, they were used as demo purposes, but have seen little use in my home office. They are the primes with the FE127eN drivers. The cabinets are in nice shape, but not perfect.. but I bought them that way. I believe they are birch. They sound absolutely fantastic and I have had them on my 10wpc Audio Space 6V6, Rotel RCD 951 and my tried and true Thorens TD-166MKII. Wow. I have had every gamut of speakers and range you can think of, including the extremely non-efficient planars of all brands, and everything in between with loads of power and high electric bills. And to be quite honest, they were good, but these are really good. I will come back again to grab another pair once I do get settled in again, but for now they are up for grabs. Email me if you are interested. Thanks. AP


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