Fonken floorstander MKII

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Yesterday I was looking over some designs and I just can't make up my mind. Right now I am leaning toward the Sachiko but don't have any past experience with a full range driver. So I just said screw it and decided to build the Fonken MKII for the time being to use as a basis to improve on.

I cut out all of the panels with some wood I already had and started glueing up today.

I ordered the drivers today and should have it finished within a couple of weeks.

One question I have is I am thinking about using a roundover on the baffle and a wondering if this will be OK.

Also while pondering on what to use to fill the base I noticed I have a bag of quickcrete mortar and thougt this might not be a bad idea to use. Just mix some up and pour it in the void them install the baffle after it dries. What do yall think?
Re: Ballast for Fonken

gurley123 said:
Ed from The Hornshoppe has used BB's to good effect. Not too expensive, not poisonous like lead and you can use a magnet to fish them out if you want.

musgofasa said:
Why I am not surprided that Ed has a use like this for Ammo?

Does sound like a good idea though

Take care,

I'm sure Ed has "used BB's" to his satisfaction in places other than speaker cabinet voids.
I just fired these up, all I can say is WOW!!!! I am a believer. I integrated them with a sub and it was truly amazing. Can't believe this 4.5" driver is doing what it is and this is at a zero hours on the driver, can't wait to get some hours on them.

I left the poly fill out of one of them but did not pay attention to which one it was. One speaker defiantly sounds fuller than the other, I will know which one it is when I disassemble them for finishing. I just have to install the bases I made with spikes and then can start finishing. Hope to have some pics in a couple of days.

Thank you for the FONKEN!!!! Now I know I am going to want to build something with the bigger drivers :D.
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ecir38 said:
Dave which drivers will you be working with for the uberFonken? Or will this be the FE127 in a more effiencent enclosure? Any prelim attachments?

Both the FX120 & the F120A have specs that are similar to the FE127. Next i have FX120 coming (F120A still out of reach). I'll have to come up with another name too, either for between the uber & the Fonken, or some name that indicates better than uber.... Bud was quite stoked about the F120A, and Gio about the FX120.

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