Focal 7L-011DBL versus 7K011-DB

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Yes, once they start showing up in cars you know they're cashing in. Mark Levinson, HK, of course 8ose. I wonder if it's still: 1) Founder with passion sells quality 2) His children run the company for a while and they sell variations of the same thing 3) Founder dies and his adult children sell the company off and the buyers turn the products to trash.
Right now I am building a 7.1 setup using the ACI Sapphire IIti for every upper-range speaker except the center that I made myself. The 30-year-old L & R Sapphires have beaten anything I have designed including the rather good MTM surrounds I just threw out. Almost there - Found a fresh pair of stock Sapphires for the sides, and the used 7K-011DBl drivers are mounted in a duplicate cabinet for each of the rears. If the 7K011-DB's are communist knockoffs I'll put them in my center channel so all the speakers will have that 80's kevlar look.
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There was number of kits with the 7K011 DBL. Focal did one called 133 if I remember correctly. Mike Dzurko's mix with Scan tweeter was quite nice. I guess with current tweeters being able to cross below 2k, the 7K011 DBL could make not a bad loudspeakers, but don't expect a lot low end from them. The new version is 7K 4211DB from '98 on.
Focal was one of the most popular brands for diy including Poland in '80 and '90. I bet they are as French as they can be. Have pair 5NV4412 a newer version 5N412DBL from '98 that will get new spiders from Poland (STX) and will play music again - very nice sounding 5".
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My Audio Concepts Sapphire IIti clone is almost done. The Jack Caldwell crossover is coming together. I substituted a tweeter with a similar impedance curve but less sensitivity so I have changed the resistor values for more output in the high-pass crossover. Hopefully it will see the same curve as the original tweeter had!
I would be interested in tuning famous crossover designs for modern drivers so as to maintain the same qualities as the originals. Great sport!
Guys, it just dawned on me - I have the original Focal T120ti tweeters up front with external crossovers. I can get zma readings for the T120 with its stock padding resistors, and for my less-efficient Peerless DA32TX00-08's with no series resistance, and then try to match the curve in the crossover range. I have to pick up 4 dB in the highs.
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