focal 7" Woofers

I am looking at building some speakers...again. I bought some active studio monitors and don't quite like them. They sound electronic. They are the best of all the ones I tried. I can't afford Dynaudio or Genelec.
I have a friend who has a pair of 7" focal and a pair of vifa tweeters. I am not sure what models they are but he paid about $600 for the four with the intent of building satelites. I am assuming there are only a couple of 7" focal woofers out there. I am hoping somebody can tell me if I have a good chance of building a transparent accurate monitors with these components?
I will probably get a good deal on them.
woof woof


sure you have a good chance of building a good monitor out of the parts you have/you can get.
But there is still a LOT to consider and to what woofers are they? Focal produced half a dozen different 7" woofers with all kinds of cone materials. Likewise did Vifa with their tweeters....
Then a good design LARGELY depends on a good crossover network and a suitable box design. Both benefit from using simulation and or measuring tools. You have to consider whether to go for a closed or reflex cabinet......and so on.

I build an all Focal monitor a couple years ago with a massive enclosure featuring a cast baffle, with a kevlar 7" and Focal tweet.
The crossover was quite complicated using 18dB filters and was develloped using Clio/LSPCAD.
But YES, they sounded very transparent and reveiling without being bright, and only because I went fullrange I gave them away.


PS picture attached is a raytracing, but that's how the loudspeaker looks


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