Fmu22u replacement in Skar RP-4500

I have a Skar RP-4500.1 with blown Power section which uses IRF3205PBF and dual series rectifier FMU22U.

The FMU22U's were blown to shreds. I was hoping ether of the attached datasheet would be a suitable replacement. I don't mind the package style because the heatsink will have kapton tape as an insulator.


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I may have to re-configure the board layout with FMG 22R and FMG22S. I have those on hand. I do have FMU32U but those are 20amp TO-3PF and I would have to modify them to make them fit.

I cant locate a replacement from other than UTsource and they are shutdown till March due to Coronavirus. Its a 50/50 shot whether I get fake parts.