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Fluke Temperature Probe and aligator clips!

Hello guys! I have a "brand new" never used Fluke 80BK-A
Integrated DMM Temperature Probe and the Fluke alligator clips, Again these are brand new original Fluke that came with my Fluke 87V.I know I will never use them lol. I would like to trade them for test probes from mouser. Must be new and original with "yellow Fluke logo on them".
Mouser Part #:676-TL175. I think it is a fair trade since the Fluke TL175 are around $25 from Mouser.;)

PS: I was checking the prices and all these will be around $70 for the DMM temperature probes and the alligator clips. These are ORIGINAL Fluke accessories. I will post pictures later.
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These are the trade: They are new and have never been used.;)


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