Flea Market Finds - Help me ID?

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I did a tour of the Goodwill, Sally-an, A1 Used furniture. Ended up buying some speakers hoping for a GEM. Can you see one?

- Radio Shack Omni-directional. $10 Part number turned up nothing (yet). Good shape, decent looking woofers. Might leave these alone.

-Lloyds 6"ish whizzer cones with tweets. 2 different part numbers, appear to be identicle speakers. Boxes were functional I supose, but cheap looking. These drivers look to be in excellent condition. Maybe Planet10 can tell me about these. $1.49

-6"ish white drivers, appear to be a replacement. The tweeters are pioneers. Again boxes are crap (but well made) and the speakers were in good condition. $0.49

-12" Radio Shack woofers. Trashed. Huge boxes with some type of horn setup. I took these for free, just for curiosity.

Here is a couple pictures, just to get started. I know I should supply better pics and part numbers, just let me know which ones peak your interest.


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And just for fun.

Somebody must have really liked these. Like I mentioned its some type of folded horn setup I think. Lots of damping material and asphalt inside, so I can't really tell just what the heck is going on. I think it wraps around 2 or 3 sides of the interior.

The woofers need refoaming at the very least.


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I opened up the other Omni , just to see if there was any debris on the woofer.

To my surprize the other coral tweeter is an alnico, somebody replaced the other side.

The woofer seems to be identical, maybe I should see if it is alnico.

I can clearly hear a difference.


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Today was awesome, got some nice speakers.(I think)


Obviously the mid is alnico, not a 100% sure about the woofer. Interesting tweeter.

The highlight should have been finding the Console with the tubes I wanted, however finding a ghetto worth $700-$1200 is pretty facking sweet.:D


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From my research tonight, I am about 80% sure these are Jensen alnicos.

Either way that 12" will likely make a very nice guitar speaker. :))-+=

Good thing I play guitar or I would not have a use for a single 3-way. (only going to use the 12")

That console turned out to be a goldmine of goodies.
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I like the way you think Dave.

Actually, the amp I took out pretty much has everything I need for my current tube project. I could rework it and slide it back in. ;)

It is pretty big though, I could easily do a 4x12" or maybe even 6x12" hmmmm

I like the blonde mahogany colour, needs refinishing though, no biggy.
So I popped the bell off, it was easy, it was just black paint on the screw heads, flaked right off.

Ok so that confirms the alnico part. I noticed what appeared to be a model number on the inside of the bell.-No luck yet. I assume the google request for Jensen PC100 speaker may have something to do with it.- because of all the pc speakers that showed up. lol


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Hey Techno, I like the idea of a 4x12, or BIGGER. But you start with what you have and work up from there. Make the baffle for multiple drivers, then make covers for the unused cutouts. As you amass more drivers, you can fiddle around with the configuration of drivers for the guitar amp.
I like the idea of reusing the old amp section from the console, but I think I would look for a multi-tap output transformer. That way you can use various speakers, and configurations.:cool::cool:
I don't claim to be any sort of expert, but that doesn't look like any Jensen I've seen. It does look like it would make a nice low to mid watt guitar speaker!


Well I already have loaded cabinet :) Celestion Vintage 30, Greenback.

It does have an identicle basked to a magnavox, holes on all.

However the some of the Jensens have the same basket minus the holes.

The ads I read that were selling these electrohome speakers, said jensen and backed it up with a photo of the tweeter.


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