Fix CD Player

I have the problem with my CD player, the motor of the disc don't want spin, in the next of the motor there only 2 IC, perhaps controller of the motor or servo, that IC are CXA1327 and LA6250 if there anybody can help me fix the problem would be appreciate, I got this problem for second time with the same type of player (Sony type)
Hi Aaf,
I forget if I have fixed this model, certainly plenty of similar ones.
Q1 - Can you post a photo with the lid removed ?.
Q2 - Does this have a small sub-board mounted to the underside of the mechanism.
Q3 - Can you see the lens bobbing up & down after closing the drawer (no disc).
Q4 - If you give the disc a spin do you hear a quiet swishing sound.

Regards, Eric.
thanks a lot for reply

for Q1 not yet have the digital camera
Q2 yes, the both of 2 IC in the sub board as you mention
Q3 yeah, the lens I think work perfectly
Q4 I don't understand but I just hear the sound of disc

Maybe I think the trouble cause from sensitive area in this sub but why and what component make the problem

Warm Regards,
Hi Aaf,
A quick lesson in usual cdp operation.
1 - when the drawer closes, the laser pickup will return to the center of the disc.
2 - when the pickup is at center, focus searching starts (lens up/down).
3 - when focus achieved, disc spin is initialised and tracking servo turned on.
4 - if tracking is ok, the pickup will move to the table of contents and read the track/time info and stop.

Q1 - does this have pickup model KSS-240A and white ribbon cable ?.
Q2 - Does the LA6250 look like it has been quite hot ?.