Fisher ST-828: Driver upgrades?


2013-04-15 12:04 am
I inherited a pair of Fisher ST-828s from a family member, and after taking a look and a listen I realized that one of the 4" mids is blown, as well as a tweeter on the other side. Both of the 15" woofers seem to be in decent condition, though they probably need new foam. Is the cabinet itself still worth using, or should I start fresh with new boxes? I am using a Nakamichi SR-3A receiver, and would like to build a system around it for minimal $.
Those Fishers are a mass market item. The components aren't expensive and neither is the cabinet. Renew some old drivers? Depends on how serious you are. If you appreciate the good sound, build your own, if you are planning to use these out in the garage then new drivers will be fine. I wouldn't spend too much on them though, they really are just a slap together speaker that was probably sold as part of a package.
sembler, that's like asking what kind of car to buy. I would suggest starting a new thread with a bit more of info. This will include how loud you like it, the dimensions of your room, the type of music etcetera. Give us something to work with. There is a reason there are a thousand plus speakers out there so tell us what you desire.