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Fisher 80az and 100 amplifiers

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Hello I have a complete but missing covers an 80az and fisher 100 chassis with output tranny on it only please see pictures ...

275 obo



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Hi Sk8Ter,
You haven't even got so much as a nibble. Do you think that condition and price might have something to do with it?


nope ...this is def not ebay thats for sure...price is correct or at least in the ball park....

let me ask you ..why are you responding to a swap meet listing if your not interested...I mean this kinda makes it worse ya?!

just because your a moderator does not give you the right to critique my listing

...if I needed your help or your input i would have asked for it! :rolleyes:

lets see are you going to critique my other listing too...because you think its something or another....

not cool dude
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Hi Sk8Ter,
I'm commenting because you keep bumping this up with no bites. Had the price and condition been reasonable, you would have had at least a question asked.

This site is not Ebay, you're quite right. Buyers here tend to be more well informed. Had everything been reasonable as you claim, you would have sold it a while ago - on Ebay. I'm just trying to help you understand why this hasn't moved for you. You really look like you need help to understand why.

Yes, I'm a mod, but I am posting as a normal member. When we post in a moderator function, we use the :cop: symbol. See the post above where this did occur. I just noticed your post, and the bumps. It seemed pretty clear you didn't understand why the thread wasn't getting any attention.

As for the products you are selling, I could say plenty. But, I have not and didn't intend to. What you are pushing isn't cool dude! :cool:

imho, if there were two identical output transformers there, they would have sold quickly. problem is that there are not many of these amps out there needing parts. and, yes, they do go for pretty good money but usually with more of the amp being present. having the two different output transformers means that unless you happen to already own one (or both) and/or need one to fix a broken unit, they're of limited value.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.