First Watt M-2 driving 2 ohm speakers?

If you are using an array of 14 speakers for each channel, I'm guessing you must have them wired (in phase) in a series-parallel configuration to get your total speaker impedance, as it currently exists.

It should be a fairly easy task to rewire the array, to create a 4 or 8 ohm system if you desire to do so.

How are you currently wired, and what is the impedance of one speaker? (I'm assuming all 14 in the array are the same, or have at least the same impedance). Are you running a crossover, and different size/impedance speakers>

I can recall (ages ago) building a two 16-speaker arrays (called the "Sweet Sixteen") out of a bunch of low-cost drivers. I powered them with a KT-88 power amp, and sound quality was pretty impressive considering the total cost for the 'speaker array....