First Watt AMPS stacked

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I have 2 First Watt M2s and am starting a build, to clone 2 more. I am using these to run a HT with the 3 front speakers bi-amped.

Today I plan to build a stand that will allow me to stack the units and save some horizontal space. The stand will be steel 1" square tubing welded into a hoop for the face and back with 2 supports connecting the hoops directly under the feet that support the amp, it makes an H shape from side view. I want to be clear in that the design is completely open and and heat can flow up and down freely as there are no shelves. The amps float, other than the crossbars under the legs.

My question, how much space would you allow between amps? Mine do get warm, but if I hold my hand 6" above the unit, I cannot feel warmth anymore, nor see it on a therm. Is this an appropriate spacing between the AMPS? I don't want a 7' tall amp stand, but I do not want to risk damaging theses lovely things. Visually a spacing equal to the amp height, would be my first choice and I think look the best.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
I use this good old "rule of thumb" :)
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Thats really funny.

My horns must be an easy load, as I have yet to experience Blimey Hot.

I ended up with 4" between the amps, it made the best use of space. Once I get my globby welds cleaned up a bit, I will post a pic.

You can tell it was custom built for the First Watts.
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there is no such thing as too big horn :clown:

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Fugly fits... as you can see nothing in my room is for aesthetics. Function before form as I say...

I am actually going to place this stand in the room behind and cut an access in this room. I have a stack of 1978 McIntosh gear in a stand next to it that will also be built in. I want to use double doors and a few pieces of smoked glass but have it all flush along the wall.
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