First Tweak Harman Kardon HD7300

Hello folks, I am going to planning a first cd MOD. I will use this setup Hd7300 cd player with tube out directly into amplifier. I will use only CDP preamplifier to reduce the component on the line and so improve quality. This player use the PCM61P DAC and LC4966 op-amp.
Here the full service (by hi-fi-manuals)
In the image below the low res scheme [IMGHTTPDEAD][/IMGHTTPDEAD] I will do this mod (listed not in order):
1) Upgrade the PSU (new capacitator and new diode)
2) Pick up the CDP out, directly from the op-amp out.
3) Collect item for tube preamp
4) New chassis I think in good wood.
For point 2 I will by-pass the emphasis circuit, the LPF filter, Mute circuits and perhaps the Buffer circuits. For now what you think about this?
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