first time mod sony 337esd

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hiya, was just looking in to the cd upgrade market, was going to look into buying an older cd player and seeing what can be done with upgrading when i came across the sony 337esd, with a little bit of research i found it contains the much talked about tda1541a and not just one of these but 2 ! , ok so where to start , from what ive heard it is good to start with a clock upgrade, then replace caps with black gate (just having this done to my power amp) , any other ideas? i have little electrical knowledge, am using this as a learning project :) also, anyone know where i can get the schematic. and how do you think it will compare, once modified to my nad t550 dvd player, similar in accoustics to nad c521, which is what i am using at the minute, cheers for any help, mark
hi, so does this mean that this isnt a very good player to upgrade, would it be a better option to buy an external dac ? someone has offered me a trichord 2 clock for a silly amount of money (30 quid) , have already got the sony 337esd as it used to be my dads, however i am having problems finding all the parts on the circuit board and could do with a circuit diagram, ne idea where i could find them. whats that tiny ohillips chip do ? is it anti-jitter? or am i getting the rong end of the stick? cheers, mark p.s also does clocking the player improve the digital outpu as well or just the dac? thanks, mark
hi, just come across the net audio non-oversampling clock will this work with this player? i would go for the version without a clock and then aply a good quality clock myself, maybe their rocklock if people think the trychord 2 isnt up to the job, as i have seen this in reviews as beeting the reviewer 2 un-named reference clocks, what do people think about this? is it really possible? cheers for any help, mark
Sony CDP-337ESD service manual

This site does work you just have to be persistent as for some reason they do not have many download slots (unless you are a premium member) and it takes quite a while to actually get a download as it did for me .

SONY_CDP337ESD.pdf - File Download
interested in the "new clock" issue.

Hi. Just getting into CD upgrading with new opamps inthe output stage.
Have the amps just not installed yet.
But my question is about putting in a new clock.
That seems like a major redesign, which shows the level of
knowledge I have about the guts of these incredibility complex machines.
Im an retired HP 30 yr tech and understand electronics so
feel free to talk the talk.
thanks for any info. Educate me.
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