First time build Seas Idunn, SR71 or ER18DXT

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I have a pretty reasonable Hifi / Home cinema setup at present.

I have an AD815 based pre-amp running into a Naim Nap-140 clone and the speakers are Kef concerto 1s. Last year i built a verydecent 12" subwoofer which has really added to the enjoyment. Music source is an Arcam Alpha 5+ heavily modified.

Everything in my system is either DIY or heavily tweaked apart from the main speakers which whilst pretty good i think are the weakest link. So I want to build something and after the subwoofer my wood working skills have improved a great deal.

I live in spain and so my choices for kits are somewhat limited, I can easily get kits for the Seas Idunn, SR71 and ER18DXT. All the kits cost between 340-380 euros so cost isnt much of an issue.

Currently i run floorstanders and i would prefer floorstanders but the kits are too expensive.

Any advice whatsoever greatly appreciated.

The supplier here in Spain is AUDIOXCEL
Ok, If someone could explain the error in my question it would be apreciated. I´ve had over 50 view and no replies.

What triggered this was i gave a brother-in-law a very high end gainclone i built a few years ago and he bought a set of B&W 685 s2 speakers. Even on a lesser amp than my setup they did things my KEFs just cant do and that was without any burn in.
I want speaker that can image like that, that are punchier than my kefs and have more sparkle in general. Real low end isnt an issue because the sub does a stirling job there.
I have to say I was leaning towards the sr71 if only because I've been reading zaph site for years and the documentation is excellent. However the dxt seems like the current "sexy" tweater in that price range and was worried than the more modern designs were better.

I imagine there is no way to build them as floor standers without radically altering the design? I have heard they benefit from 18 litres enclosures and since I would have to build enclosures this side of the pond that might make sense, obviously tuning the port appropriately.
I think the Seas Idunn or SR71 are good choices, but I think both could be too bright and dry. you may need to consider padding that tweeter down a bit.

As for choices, I'm a sucker for waveguides and mini-horns. The problem is that they tend to have more limited dispersion, which I personally like and want, it means I have less reflections and more clarity at my chair. So for me, given no chance to hear either in real life, I'd pick the Idunn.

If you are not a single throne type of listener, the SR71 may be a better all around speaker for you.



This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.