First Power Supply


2010-08-14 4:26 pm

I'm getting ready to scratch build my first SE 1 watt tube guitar amp using what I have on hand:
1 6CA5 beam power.
2 6hb6 pentodes for gain.
1 All American 5 radio output tranny.

This project is just for learning about tweaking and working up to building on my own without following a schematic. I'm pretty good with circuits under 5VDC but this is my first tube amp.

I am methodical... so, first things first. I put together this 100VDC power supply from several schematics found the web. Please excuse the crappy schematic.

I choose 100vdc because I have the Resistance Coupled Amp Charts for both tubes at 100vdc (one day I Will understand what you people are talking about) and at this lower voltage there seems to be a closer match to the output transfomer. Figured it would be a good place to start with the knowledge I have and the desire to figure this out without being too dependent on you folks time/knowledge.

Thought I should get some advise on the power supply before I go ahead with some bread boarding.

Nothing gets hot even when I load down both transformers and I keep one hand in my pocket while working on it.

Does anyone see a problem with this functioning? (other than the fact that it won't sound that great, I could just buy the proper tranny and use better tubes of course.LOL)

Thanks in advance.


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