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First One - mosfet amplifier module

thanks for your reply! i read more than 50 pages.. my head got dizzy!.. problem is that info is scattered.. mmm... needs patience!..
well if someone reads, i already have mounted in a case, one Torroid with one wind (so, common traffo for both chanels) 50-0-50 1.5KW , and 2x47.000uF per chanel (Each chanel has its own bridge and caps). so i have about+-70v... buyt i gues if modules are nowhere to be found...i might have to look for something else.. its just that, it looked apealing the fact that this amp needs the minimum measurments etc.. sounded suitable for an amateur as me..


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2011-02-04 11:35 am
Understand that you would like to utilize the power supply that you have; however let that not be the basis on which you choose your next project. :)

If I may ask, what speakers are you using? There are other projects that are based on prebuilt modules. And there are other projects that are fairly simple builds and don't require many measurements to be done.
i have a diy pair, very well designed, and performing floorstanders speakers, by a very well regarded Greek audio engineer.. dual 6.5" seas+ tweeter... about 91db sensitivity, and -3db at 39hz..

My main idea is to use parts that i already have... and i have many.. past decade i started and left half finished many projects.. well now its time to sort some things.. to use some, and whats left to sell them..
So the idea here is , to build a decent powerful amp without spending much.. i just need modules.. not something expensive (cause thats not my main amp project).. something easy and reliable, with minimum measurments (due to lack of specialised knowledge by me) not necessary high end stuff.. FO1.4L looked ideal..
so if you have something in mind, for something decent, operating at +-70v , 200 to 300 wrms at 8, able to work at 4ohms, please share..
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