First Neurochrome Preamp Build

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Hi All,
I'm looking to start my first neurochrome preamp build. I don't have a lot of experience, I tried and failed to build a B1 buffer years ago but I'm ready to jump back in. Here is what I would like to have:

  • Active
  • 2x RCA inputs (on DPDT switch)
  • XLR and RCA outs
  • Volume control with remote
  • 12v trigger out for amp
  • Plexiglass/Acrylic case 10" wide

Based on what I've read on the site I am planning on buying the following:
  • Neurochrome Preamp power supply (12v for the buffer and 5v for the volume control, 12v trigger)
  • Neurochrome Universal buffer
  • Khozmo 64 step ladder attenuator with remote
  • everything else (RCA jacks, chassis, etc)

Am I missing anything? Is 10"x10"x2" big enough to fit everything? Is there anything wrong with using plexi for the case? I'm assuming I'll need to drill some vent holes.
The size of the case is dependent on the parts and their sizes. Get everything first then build the case around it. Plexiglass is fine for the case and yes you will probably need some vent holes but you can measure the temp inside and decide after testing. Only thing with a transparent case is you will have to do clean wiring for a nice build. :)