First International DIY Video Projector Symposium

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Gunawan and I thought we would be cute and hold a symposium in Jakarta to discuss the "state of the art" in DIY panel projection.

We will hold the symposium on the weekend of the 28th, June.

We are hoping to invite President Megawati as a guest speaker.

Please bring your bow tie, for the Formal afterwards.

We have a great line-up of presentation's already confirmed please call to reserve your space.

Accomodations have been granted at the Imperial Palace. Don't forget your sleeping bag! And, Deet.

Hope to see you all there. RSVP, regrets only please!

DIY Acronym Contest!!!

We have tossed around some more interesting acronym's like "Giddy-up" (Go Internatianal DIY Vid. Proj.) or "tomato".

Please help us in coming-up with a suitable "catchy" phrase!
The winner will receive 10,000 Rupiah! Payable through PAYPAL or SWISS BANK account.

Entries need to be received by June 14th for the judging decision on the 16th, as banners and paraphenalia will need to be printed. As well as, exploding acronym fireworks construction and laser sky projection programming!

Submit entries to->
Results will be posted in this thread on the 17th at 00:00 GMT. Assuming the poster is awake.

See you there!

It's Quasi-joke a-moto here.

You don't have a tux' available for the "Supposium"? Or, what!?!

Step right up SONNY!
Do not be fooled by those other so-called FIDIYVPS's! This is a tour-de-farce event, packed with ACTION, packed with ADVENTURE,....packed with a lot of stuff I can't say on here.

Do not be shy about our Acronym Contest, also. You too could be a Wiener! Er, I mean WINNER. Enter Today!!!
Think of the joy you could have spending a cool 10,000 Rupiah! Ohhh, countless moments of sheer bliss, I'm certain!

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime event! The "Bearded Lady", the "Half-monkey Man" and the "Walking-talking Aberration-free Lens"!!! All for YOU to see! And, only for the cost of a wink!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Void where prohibited. Idaho residents must pay 12% tax upon receipt of prize money. Mason's double their take. But, must give half to charity. One in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Did you ever notice "Hope" is a four letter word? It's something isn't it?! ;)
As the response's have not been overwhelming,

We have increased the Prize money for the Acronym Contest to 20,000 Rupiah! Yes, it's true!!!

Come on intellect's and artiste's! Put your drinking goggles on and claim that money for yourself!

Show 'em, who's-the-Daddy of Poster's! The Ayotollah-DIY-threada-rola!! The Osama-nator-proclamator!

...c'mon guy's

Email now!!! ---> Respond here Today!
The Supposium has been postponed!

Since, none of you bum's will even submit one itty-bitty, teeeny-tinny email, the show has been cancelled.

The "bearded lady" took off with "half-monkey man" and walked all over "aberration free lens" (no good anymore!). They were all disgruntled. And, I don't blame em.

Gunawan and I, will however, be getting ripped on some fermented fruit juice. And, spending the prize loot on ton's and ton's of hottie's on Jelan Jaksa. So there! Take that!

The shame... I have nothing more to say!

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