first Home theater Active setup

I've built tons of Car systems with active setups, but never a home theater speaker.

I'm looking to build a pair of 2 or 3 way speakers. What should I look at as far as amps and sound processing and crossovers go?

I am looking for simplicity and bang for the buck. Is there a 6 channel amp that has built in crossovers and DSP? What is some "hot gear" that people are using these days??? :)


2017-09-04 8:08 pm
Any system with only a single sub is compromised. The facade of 5.2, 7.2 is stereo subs but they are fed the same signal. Still flawed.

The best sound in your home will be realised by running stereo NOT surround. Use active crossovers and transparent amplifiers - ones with no distortion. Just make sure the gains of all the PAs are the same - it does not matter what exact value as long as they are the same as each other.

You do not need sound processing to have fantastic sound. make sure the room is properly set up for human conversation without a zing but not completely dead, then it will be balanced for audio and movie sound tracks. if you build sub-sat systems, be sure to position each sub-sat as if it was a single speaker. this keeps the spatial cues accurate and there will be a wider sweet spot for good sound.
yes only my front 2 speakers will be set up actively. What do you people use for DSP and amps/power supplies these days? Are there any receivers that will run active crossovers and time alignment adjustments?

On a car, you just need an amp and a DSP....its pretty simple. It seems more complicated with home sound !


2019-11-17 7:44 pm
Probably the two least expensive digital crossovers are the Behringer DCX2496 and the DBX DriveRack. Both should offer almost too many options to tweak your system. I am not sure I agree with the same gain needed for all the amps. I use a 4way and have different amps. I just adjust the band gains to account for speaker efficiency and amp gain.