First Gainclone - Help with Parts List

I’ve read through the PDF user guide on (which was very helpful) and browsed this forum extensively. Before I order an LM3875 kit from BrianGT, I want to make sure I have the correct parts list. Could you all look over the list below and tell me if I am on the right track. Any changes, improvements, or less expensive options? I think this is the correct transformer. Have I left out anything? I’m also trying to anticipate cost. I've sourced all my parts from Parts Express to cut down on shipping, but I would be open to getting things elsewhere. This is my first gainclone and I have almost no experience with electronics. Any suggestions are welcomed.


1 Non-inverting LM3875 rev.3 Stereo Kit - $45

1 Toroidal Transformer - $42.26

2 Binding Post Pairs - $8.25

2 RCA Black/Red Pair - $5.30

2 pair Spade Terminals - $5.00

1 Chassis Plug - $1.89

1 Pack 2A Fuse - $1.36

Additional Items -
-Internal Wires
-Power Cord
-Heat Sink
-Heat Shrink
Parts List

Thanks for pointing out some of my minor league errors. My plans are for a NON-integrated amp - the 2 pairs of RCAs was a typo. I also hadn't thought of the need for -insulated- binding posts.

Can anyone comment on the toroidal transformer? Is this the right one? Apex jr. has some much less expensive versions, but I don't know if they will work well.

As for the chassis, I've got some ideas. There's a plastics dealer down the street from me. "Have you considere a future career in plastics?" I'm thinking about picking up some of their scraps and making an acrylic Patek, with a metallized interior for shielding. Haven't quite figured that out yet. And where can I get a solid copper bar out of a trash can...