first build


2006-08-29 5:05 am
Hello, looking to do my first build. Want to make a monoblock to power my new center channel. Any recommendations? The center will be 2 ea 10" Hartley 220's, 2 ea Eton 4" hexacone mids, 1 JBL 2405 tweeter and 1 7" Hartley tweeter. I've been to the DIY Store and still need some help deciding. Thanks


2017-11-13 11:17 am
In terms of output / performance, what sort of sensitivity spec do you think your speaker build will deliver?
Also, what's the predicted impedance?

If the speaker sensitivity is decent and the impedance is 8Ω or above, then the ACA is an easy, simple, safe way to get started. You can run it as a monoblock:
So, it might be a good fit.


2009-09-12 9:14 am
I think it's important to know what you will be using as source(s) and the respective output voltages of those sources.

You will (maybe/most probably) find lacking gain if you are driving the FW amps with say a CD-player output and/or TV with something around 2V only.

For MoFo you WILL need some sort of pre-amplifer anyway!

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