First Build - FH3


2013-04-20 3:14 pm
Just built my first pair, FH3 and enjoying them, lovely design and sound even from a wireless sytem. Thanks to FH3 for all the help and the provision of the cad files, I am enjoying the final result of the FH3 design, they work really well in my room, visually appealing and a super sound as well.

I find them a much crisper than the base reflex pair that my father and I also built, both with FE 126En, and they are much more elegant. A success on both fronts.

Considering my next project, perhaps the Windermere ^2 or Vulcan for my sitting room (4mx5m), unless there are better ideas out there.



2013-04-20 3:14 pm
Took me a while to get round to it - unusual finish, but it is a bit of fun.


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2011-02-04 11:35 am
Pretty unique finish Slawrence - nice. :)

The FH3 is a great effort from the folks behind the concept (we+you know who you are :)), and it can extract lovely music from modestly sized drivers in a relatively compact cabinet. (horns are usually BIG... and heavy).

Finding EL-70 drivers for the Coniston^2 might be difficult. So if big is beautiful, Avebury maybe? Mark Audio is coming out with a new paper Alpair 10, so Scott Lindgren might fancy an updated version of the Silbury - you gotta ask him.

Have fun!
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