First build Alpair12p Mar-Ken Golden Ratio, Newbie Questions

I've been reading this site for years, this is my first post:)
The foam on my AER drivers in Oris Horn has disintegrated and not in a rush to refoam, I decided to build the Mark Audio golden ratio speakers with Alpairs 12p. I have the drivers playing in their boxes at low volume and am impressed with the sound already. I will drive them with a 300B 6SN7 DIY mono blocks. Pardon my ignorance, I have some questions for build: I have 1/2 wool felt for lining the insides, does the vertical baffle need to be lined up with felt as well? Should i use the rubber gasket that came with the drivers or mount directly to birch ply? And what wire do people use for internal wiring?
Thanks a lot for your input!
In no particular order:
I’d always recommend using only the supplied gaskets and mounting screws, and definitely don’t over torque them, the composite resin -call it plastic if you must- frames can be cracked.
I lined as much of the inside walls with the 1/2” felt as possible, taking care to not occlude the internal openings to high aspect ratio vent slots. If implementing a vertical internal brace - i.e. from top to bottom and front to back - it should be offset by material thickness so that one face is centred, to which a thin layer of damping fibre - not the thicker material used for wall lining- should be applied.

As for internal wiring, I think it’s fair to say opinions vary, but considering the total length and power levels involved, you could easily get away with something as small as #24 solid. Just make sure it’s accessible should you feel the need to experiment with audiophile grade snake oil imbedded esoterica.