Finishing Sandeply recommendations

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So after getting the BIB's up to my 3rd-floor apartment (barely :D ) it's time to finish them...they're made from Sandeply on the sides, Birch ply on the front and knot-free pine for trim edging.

I know the pine and birch ply are going to take stain well, but I'm not so sure about Sandeply. I practiced on a few small pieces and it comes out a lot more "yellowish" than the birch did...even with two coats of sanding sealer, which I'm going to put on the BIB's before any kind of finish goes on.

How have you guys stained or oiled Sandeply before, what have you used? Pictures of finished stuff would be helpful :)
Sandply is, as least in Arkansas, pine plywood with one side sanded smooth. The samples I get at Lowe's are indeed AC, and the A side is indeed very smooth. Very few voids, and the voids I have found are small. Alas, the pine used, probably Loblolly, is absolutely unsuitable for staining. This plywood is intended for painting, and with a coat of paste wood filler, should come out very nicely.

Hve you considered veneer?

Bob is right,

Sandeply hates to be stained. It never matches any other wood. The best I have done is to use very dark stain (paint more or less) and even that will have a very different tone from oak, birch, or other. Sanding sealer helps it to take stain, but the problem isn't saturation as much as color.

I did use a polycrylic stain (cheap from Lowes or Wal-mart) that has the poly and the stain in the same can. This worked pretty good, but didn't have quite the toughness of a more professional finish. It was a good looking finish though and so long as the wood wasn't abused you wouldn't know it from a better finish. I think it was made by Minwax or somebody like that. The cans are silver.

I will post a picture or two of a bookshelf I built with it when I get home. I should be able to get a picture of the cans of stain too. I will say this. It was quick (only needed two coats or three and no extra poly etc) and it was pretty easy. Did not smell good though. Open all the windows lol.

Take care,
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.