finished zen amp. How do I removed the hum?

go with the choke since you have that much of caps
with the choke the distribution of the caps is slightly different
i used 20000uf -15mh - 88000uf for one supply of + and the same number of caps and choke for the - part hence i have
220mf of caps. THe cap placement is critical when a pi filter is used
20000 is to smoothen voltage and the remain caps after the choke is for a resovoir
the optimimum number of capitance before the choke/resistor is less than the resovoir after the choke. there is a formula for calculating the neseccary caps for the smoothen part
it is sonically better to have a bigger cap at the end ot the ps
look around for the formula in forum
check for ground connection, might some problem there.