FINISHED - Pics os my fist Line Array


Dears Friends,

My English not is good, but, I will try write if is necessary. Below,
pics of my first Line Array project.

The sound result is very, very interesting... the soundstage is big.
Classical Music is most natural I hear.... no distortion in higher
power handling and higher maximum sound pressure levels.

I use active crossover and I will build 2 subwoofers for Bass

Ps. I read English without problem.. :)



I live in Brazil, in here do not have speaker for DIY audio, only for
automotive use... this 12 woofers is Bravox (

The tweeter is Gambin, and I use 2 (1 front and 1 back) for speaker.

I do not know the name of wood finish in English, in portuguese is
"Tabaco" but this is MDF 6mm lamineted. Is easy to execute whith very
intereting result.