Finished Lm3886 Power Amp

I just finished my amp and want thank Brian for all his help; and also Carlosfm for his contributions - especially concerning grounding. The amp is totally silent at idle and approaches my mother-in-law's Krell 150a in accuracy. I know there are many like me who are rookies at DIY audio, and are in the backgound feeding from the pros in the foreground; keep up the good work, it is truely appreciated.

Finished Amp Pis

I'm having trouble attaching the pics.


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Finished dual mono 3886 PowerAmp

I have also finished my dual mono 3886 Power Amp. It is based on the BrianGT PCB with the snubberized Power Supply from Corlosfm. It sounds really great and I enjoy listen to it. I want to thank all fanatics in this forum.

Thank you.


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Nice looking amp. From your picture it looks as though the RCAs are not isolated from the chassis. It is generally considered good practice to isolate them with plastic washers, helps to avoid ground loops. You mention that you have no noise so it might not be a problem with this amp, but on your next build it is something to consider. If they are isolated, disreguard, and keep up the good work. Pictures look much better too.