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For Sale Finished DIY F6 amp

Things you have for sale.


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2011-08-10 10:14 pm

I have a fully finished F6 for sale. One of the most universal diy FW amps if you ask me. Selling it because I desperately want to finish other long going projects and need some cash to push it. As you can see on the photos it is a very clean built (I have a bit of old about it so clean solder joints, all flux washed off, parts aligned etc :). It uses a bit bigger 5U 300mm chassis I got from Italy. PSU uses Primrose audio grade 400VA transformer. As you can see all wiring done with the connectors so you can later on put another FW boards into it if you want (sorry no pre tapped holes though). If you have any questions, please ask. Price is $1000 + PP fees + only US shipping (maybe it is not even at cost nowadays with all the prices went up). Thanks for looking!


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2011-08-10 10:14 pm
Thanks for your message.
1. JFETs are Toshibas J74/K170
2. The outputs are IRFP240/9240. I'd say those are Vishay from the look. Those are from the batch we bought and matched with one diyaudio member like 8 years ago so my memory is a bit cloudy, sorry for that.
3. Caps are 22k uf, 35V, 85C
4. 400VA 115/230V, 18VAC

This chassis is quite big for this amp so the sinks stay at 45is C.