Hi all,

just finished the alpair10 bass + alpair 5 last weekend, although have those since last year visit to mark in hongkong :D.

i followed mark's recommendation for 14L vol for the 10 bass and more or less 0.8L for the alpair 5.

xo would be series xo with 1.5mH, 30uf Solen + 3.9uf Clarity cap, with 2.2ohm resistor in series before xo for the 5.

overall i experience good dynamics, but i notice there's no solid presentation for the soundstage and abit distortion (which no distortion when i took out the xo parts and run fullrange on both).


Hello Henry :) I'm not a fan of tower cabinets ,but this may be the solution to your 'case' :D
From what I see ,and feel , the cabinet is some dome+woofer design ,but those drivers are different , I guess ..
A taller and slimmer cabinet , with drivers more spaced and maybe a double chamber reflex ( DCR ) , would allow the 'image' to be spread correctly ,and
a more precise job with the crossover would complete the whole .
(or ..cover the hole :rolleyes: )


2004-10-20 11:32 pm
Hi Henry,

Thanks for sharing. I've got a pair of A5s, which I have tried using as a tweeter. I crossed mine 2nd order at around 1.2kHz. I did not get a fantastic 3d soundstage, but did get a smooth top end unlike the compressed sound from a usual dome.

Maybe some run in and a few experimentation tweeks and you'll get what you are looking for.

to mark
its 14 litre for alp10bass and 3liter for alpair5. i did use 1.0mh and 1.5mh for alp10, and 22 and 30uf cap for the alp5.

when i got my minidsp, i tried few config
1. 1500hz cutoff with 12db linkwitz riley - better dynamics, abit more body, more spl
2. 500hz cutoff with 12db linkwitz riley - less spl, less dynamic, but it is superb on coherent.

to ultrakaz
i didnt experience 3D soundstage also, but very good in tonality and timing accuracy.

right now im using OB with Alp 10FR and Eminence Beta15.
it beats the alp10bass + alp 5 in every aspect.
what im getting from OB
1. Better dynamics
2. Big body
3. Big soundstage
4. Almost 3D soundstage, if ur near to the speaker (-+ 1m u will hear the sound came from the speakers) +2m u will see solid soundstage, no matter u move left or right.
5. Better Bass (beta15)