Finest case for amplifier

This is one cool amp... The amplifier case look really good.


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Speaking of the XA amps... what's used to light the power meters? Blue leds, neons? I want to add analog needle vu-meters to my soon coming preamp, and lighting them like that (sorta) would look cool.

On the other hand, i'm quite done with the wooden case for my JLH. It looks gorgeous, but i still dunno if it would need internal shielding (with aluiminum foil or whatever). I'll try to post some pics as soon as posible!
HPotter said:

Can you imagine amplifier sound without listening it?
I don´t mean exactly superiority or differences between amplifiers sound, but only on the basis of the appearance.


Freddie´s picture:
I think this amplifier sounds like "rounded", "cold" and "icy".

planet10´s picture:
This amplifier sound is like "warm" and "creamy".

HPotter´s picture:
This amplifier sound is like "mechanical", "piercing", "fast" and little bit "flat".

These are only imagined differences....

I hope You understand my english.

:) :)
Eccu said:
planet10´s picture:
This amplifier sound is like "warm" and "creamy".

Haven't heard the amp so i can't say how it sounds. It was one of the hits of the latest VSAC show. More tidbits and pictures of the amp cab be seen by visiting the Doc Bottlehead VSAC site.