Finally we have a 5" LCD with VGA input ! It' s 640x480 !

This LCD panel could be a milestone for DIY projector ppl, if it's easy to strip.

I assume, its native resolution is 640x480 at least. But it might be 800x600, who knows... :)

If you live in USA, Europe or Far Eastern, you can easily find it in tech stores imo. I thought it' s a prevalent product.

The bad thing is; I only have a photo about it, so I don' t know about its producer. I seen it at, and I have not sent an e-mail to those guys. But you could send, if you want to achieve more information about it. :)


Thanks for the definition. Actually there was a -almost erased- Shinon logo on the box, but I just realize it after your warn. :)

I seen it on this web site;

BTW, you' re right about search. There is no clear information about this one, on Google or another search engine... I found another web site on Google that called with Shinon, however it was not right one. :dead:
Re: sorry to bother

uvodee said:
I used similar in sept and oct 2003, they are fairly decent
I had the Pyramid model but there were so many different names available originating from the same manufacturer it could be any source.
I bought them on ebay for $55.00 plus $8 for shipping..


Believe or not, I was just thinking about you (but I'm not gay : p). :angel: As far as I remember, we have already discussed about these panels in a quite old topic. :D

I just remember that. :)

BTW, what were the native resolutions, and response times of them, Uvodee ?

I think I can say "you were really lucky!". :) Because these kind of high-res panels to be sold very rarely.

res is 640 by 480

refresh rate = pretty decent =< 16 msec

colorpalette more than sufficient for any viewing!

I did sell all (3) to relatives and family, I must still have some pics
I'll try to find them...
I used a toystorage from IKEA as enclosure ($10.00 on sale!!)

issues with cable

If i remember well, they call them flexcable

I found a supplier (molex) who would send the requested flex for free (they don't start invoicing for l;ess than 500 or so... otherwise costs do not balance revenue..)

i am still looking for that canadian store online....