finally 15" benq with 150 hqi

o.k finished pj. got to wait for my sister gets back so i can borrow camera.


150 watt hqi
benq 15"
3dlens large fresnel
triplet stripped from 3m foldable ohp i think 310 x 360
custom box (really custom!)

works great quite bright you will see pics extremely soon.
but i must admit one day as i was fixing the screen i ate some cheese, which i'm allergic to, and my head went all funny and i dropped a fat screw driver on the screen and scratched it!! i nearly broke the whole pj i was really cheesed off by that incedent.!!

i even got a very very nice xvga box for £55!! with tuner and remote svideo + sound, picture in picture (very nice)......take that usa!

many pictures to come but can someone pleasetell me how to put many pics in one post i could never figure it out!?!?!:whazzat: