final plans plus 3 meters of fun in a small wooden box

Right, and for the 3 meters of fun. It is on its way. The model III


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JeremyB said:

Those look fantastic! I love the little curve on the front and the cut out in the back. I sent you an email.


Thanks Jeremy, I sent you an email as well! The only plans I have are the ones that I have posted here. I don't have DXF files for them. I would if I Had the commercial version of Google Sketchup. As it is I have a blender version and a sketchup version. Only thing I can say is remember that these designs are for private use only, any commercial use if prohibited by the copyright I have pulled on them. Thanks!

So, I have been really busy with the start of classes. Students are so needy. :) Anyway, I have a little time today and will be working on the final drawings for the model III Here is a side cut to give an idea of the internal dimension and shape. There has been a good deal of interest in these so I will try to get them complete within the next couple of days.
As for the cast 10 enclosure. The model III is not a good starting point so I am beginning an entirely new design for that driver.
After that, I am going to try to track down some parameters for the new 138 as I think I will either do that or the 168 sigma as the next box. Man, the list just gets longer and longer. The first build of the Model II should be beginning this weekend as the plans have been translated into CNC DXF files by an interested builder and he plans to begin construction presently.

On the image, ignore the width, that is for the sides and they were not set right in the prog. The actual overall width will be 15 inches.

Thanks all!



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