Passive crossovers

Here's a link for constructing passive crossovers.

Check out the links at the bottom, you are most likely interested in a 2nd order (12db/octave) or 3rd order (18db/octave) depending upon the capability of your mains. There are formulas that will allow you to plug in different cross over frequencies and it will give you resulting capacitance and resistance values. This is an easier project than the active crossover.

I'm not sure how to make it continuously varible, though. Perhaps you can use a stepped switch and implement several of the difference crossover values and still keep the project fairly simple.
Re: mdf paint

joshuajoshua said:

I plan to give a layer of paint in the MDF material (for open baffle system).

Can anyone give me a suggestion, what kind of paint should I use? any wood paint?or....?

I don't have any experience building a speaker..:(



Apologize....! I put my question in the wrong thread.:blush:
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