Filter noob Question Re Diy headphone.

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Sorry Folks.
But I am a noob to this subject.
I am begining to gather research material to learn but...

I have a pet Diy project.
My planar magnetic headphones.
Thus far I have a working pair of MK1s and are working on the
MK2 version at the moment so the following only strictly refers
to the MK1 version.

I basically am very encouraged by their sound quality and listen
to them for pleasure no less!!
But of course being their creator am tolerant of their shortcomings.
Some of these shortcomings will change or be eliminated in the next version.
I will not cover all of them here , just one particular area that I
feel is likely to remain fairly unchanged in the next version.
And that is excessive diaphragm excursion/lowish to mid bass.
infact their is loads of bass!
The test amp supplying the signal a low cost denon integrated
needs the bass control set at 70% attenuation to calm things down to acceptable levels but it is still hot in these areas.
Again I do not wish to give a blow by blow account of every
detail regarding these [yet..hehe].

The thing is I feel some sort of filter is definitely going to be needed here.
I think the resonse curve is pretty camel humped.
What appeals on the surface at least is a passive something or
other inline between the transducer and source,to maintain maximium amp flexibility.
Also this MK1 is not overly effiecient with a 5 ohm coil [the MK2s
should be 30 or better].

Obviously everything in audio design is a compromise so I would
like to ask:
Is it possible/are there good passive designs for ,and now I shall
be even more vague a high pass/notch type thing where the very
low frequencys can remain largely untouched[say below 60hz]
and the lf above that be more progresively reduced in the hot
zones.[the camel hump?]
Something like a gentle notch I suppose.

This whole business of filters worries me on the sound quality front as the phones sound lovely and open full and yummy and I do not want to ruin the good points but..that hump definitely needs sorting:eek:

So again to everyone who reads this and thinks Jeesh go and do
some reading...I will I am and this post is part of my learning proccess:eek: :p

So here goes...pressing submit :eek: :eek: :eek:

Thanks, as I said I am new to this so at this stage just glancing
at a design will not tell me a whole lot about its potential effect
on sound quality etc.
The designs at Headwize are I believe primarily for use in circuit
with amps etc or at least more low power applications.

I am currious about an inline design that will do little sonic damage.
my phones [at present,and maybe future] use a fair bit of power.

I will build an active system if this is truly the best most transparent way of controling the bass but a small passive unit
does have a great deal of appeal.

I hold my hands up I am just a beginer here,But I am a headphone enthusiast and frequent the relevent sites .
The reason I first posted here was simply, this is a pure Diy site
and has more contributers than the Headphone sites diy sections.
And as their are a lot of loudspeaker builders here I thought
that I may call upon their exprience with crossovers/filters etc
regarding my specific needs.


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