Filter caps in "Hohner Orgaphon 61 super reverb"

I´m recapping an old organ amp. It sounds awesome...
Unfortunately it uses extremely rare tubes....But ill look into that later ;)

There are 5 big electrolytics

two 100uf+100uf
three 50uf +50 uf

so the dual type filter caps

It is a bit confusing to me, that these dual caps only have two solderlugs?
Usually, dual capacitors have 3, right?

Kind regards, Kasper
Attached the schematic

Maybe you´re right about the metal case. It´s just weird, that they are isolated with plastic nuts, and some sort of plastic pad underneath the cap itself. Also: There is clearly "room for a third solderlug" on the underside of the cap?
But then again....there is a small black wire, soldered between the caps, so I think you might be right:)


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Here are some pictures:)


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