FILM Caps to assist Big ELYT Caps


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2002-07-08 8:42 am
In many designs is bypassing of big power supply capacitors
made by very expensive high quality filmcapacitors.
They are placed in parallell right at eachother.
This is in my and other peoples opinion just
A Waste of Money.
When parallelling in such a way the capacitor with
higher capacitance totally dominate the behavior
of the combinated capacitance.

At this dedicated site is a more technical description
of this fenomena.
And an alternative placement of those film caps,
where they could be positively contributing
to the currents supplied to a circuit.

Considerations for a High Performance Capacitor - by Richard Marsh

I also Attach a JPG with the main information
in short of this subject.
The image is captured from this site.

Groman amp builder from Sweden


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