film capacitors, identify?


2010-11-18 1:54 pm
Hey all, first time posting. Been doing a lot of forum reading and also scavenging from my local electronics surplus store.

Picked up these capacitors, and wondering if someone could help identify. I'm not familiar with the markings, and don't know if one can decipher the dielectric.

Also, one primary concern is the largest one. It says .1M, is this microfarad (that's the box they were in.. but some were in the wrong boxes..) I've never seen it written with an uppercase M before, but then again I haven't ever had to play with film caps.

Hoping that some of these might be good for the DC blocking cap in the signal path of a headphone amp.



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2006-09-08 2:04 pm
The values are pretty obvious. The dielectrics aren't.
I have a gut feeling that they all are are polypropylene, but a measurement of tan delta would be required to positively confirm it.
The left one is probably a plain foil type, considering its CV vs. size, the middle one is certainly a metallized one (perhaps mylar too).


All are way too small to serve as coupling caps for headphones. You'd loose all of the bass.
No, nobody can do that because they come in all sorts of package styles - there is no single package type associated with a given type of dielectric.

As for the caps originally shown, the first is probably an obsolete type manufactured by TSC electronics. It may be a polyester type made for AC duty. The second is most likely a polyester metallized film cap due to the small size for its capacitance. The third is a question mark.